November 18, 2019

Breaking Up With Yourself To Breakthrough With Abbey Gibb

Its time to release our old ways or old identities we tie ourselves to and start to embrace the beauty that exists in change. The only way to breakthrough is move through what has broken our heart. Abbey Gibb talks about how we can break up with ourselves to breakthrough. After all the only thing you should be afraid of losing is yourself. She discusses the 3 truths that are the cornerstone for your growth and breakthroughs.

I am so loving the next guest that I brought on and I know you will as well. Welcome the vibrant Abbey Gibb. Abbey is a woman that radiates light from the inside out. She shows up as her authentic self, in full color, and lets herself be seen and heard. Abbey Gibb is an Emmy-winning media mogul and 3x TEDx speaker. She’s on a mission to change the world through conscious and healing media. As a former TV news journalist, Abbey covered stories from the Capitol to the Super Bowl. Now running her worldwide media consulting company, Healing Media Productions, Abbey empowers thousands of mission-driven entrepreneurs to gain clarity and media visibility with their unique messages. Through this kind of storytelling, Abbey believes we can together rekindle our humanity and set this world on fire. 

Now let’s talk about this subject:

Breaking Up With Yourself To Breakthrough

We talk about how we can break up with ourselves to breakthrough. Which you might wonder what that means. Well Abbey shows us what that looks like and how we can feel empowered to create massive change in our life by breaking up with what isn’t serving us. She discusses 3 pillars and mantras that will shift you into your breakthrough; Your heart always comes first, You can lie to yourself but your body will never lie to you, and Drop what you know and be who you are. Let’s get to it…

Questions I ask:

  • What happened in your past relationship that led to a powerful breakthrough?
  • What would you say to someone that is struggling to end a toxic relationship?
  • How has your Lyme disease  impacted your health today and what became the biggest lesson learned?
  • Do you feel we need to share our stories to breakthrough the weight it holds on us?
  • What does it look like to honestly ask and honestly listen to what something is trying to teach us?
  • What are the three pillars/ mantras for breaking up with yourself?
  • Spoken word by Abbey Gibb
  • How did you land 3 Ted Talks?
  • What is the mission behind your media company, Healing Media Productions?

“The only person you should be afraid of losing is yourself”

More insight…

If you were to write a book on your life’s story. What would be a piece of advice you would share on the first page?

What does a passionate purposeful life look like to you?

Resources included in episode

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